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History of Straw hats & Felt hats - Dobbs hats

History of Straw hats and Felt hats - Dobbs Hatco Inc. is a leading hatmaker of western hats and the maker of the Dobbs dress hats line. The company's history dates back to the 1930's or prior when the company name was Hat Corporation of American and they were located at 417 Fifth Avenue, New York.

The Dobbs label and name represent the finest quality hats, and they continue to manufacture both felt and straw dress hats. A hat made from shantung straw is a commercial American term for glazed manmade paper yarn made in Japan and handwoven in China, or any hat made from Shantung yarn.

Classic hat styles include the fedora, and homburg. The fedora was common in the 1940s when newsmen stuck their press cards in the band. This style was revived on Wall Street during the 1980s. When you think Homburg, think Winston Churchill. Dwight David Eisenhower wore a homburg to his 1953 inauguration.

Up to 1960, men wore dress hats as a matter of course. After 1960, although dress hats fell on tougher times, there was always a hard core of hat wearers, mostly city people, who never went away. Certain well-dressed and confident men have refused to take their lids off. Additionally, felt hats with snap brims made a comeback in the early 1980s.

It shouldn't be forgotten that hats not only express the wearer's style but also keep his head dry and warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Nothing can switch up a man's look like a dress hat. The right one is icing on the cake, giving the most plain-suited, ordinary Joe a sophisticated, urbane flavor.


History of Straw hats and Felt hats furnishes enlightening detail, beginning with interesting accounts of dress hats in the early years, through the roaring 20's gangster fedoras, includes features on golf and movie celebrities' hats, and highlights some original and contemporary hatmakers.